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Over 20 Years of Medical Malpractice Experience in New Mexico

I represent victims of medical malpractice and personal injury and individuals battling insurance companies. It can be pretty scary to contemplate taking on a doctor, hospital or insurance giant. A lot of times, I have knowledge and experience that can help. Usually, I can at least explain to you what your rights are, what procedures are involved, and give you an idea about what you can expect from the legal system.

My goal is to get the most for you, at the least cost - in both time and money. But lawsuits, when they are necessary, can be long and expensive. I will be upfront with you about the costs involved in pursuing your case. There is another aspect, though, that may be even more important to understand: Lawsuits take a lot of time and emotional energy on your part and it's very important for us to talk about that in some detail. Very often, your involvement and your ideas will make a huge difference in the outcome. From your initial consultation through to the end of the case, I will keep you informed about processes and strategy, risks and benefits. And you will always be able to talk to me directly about your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Representation In Medical Malpractice Cases

You have been hurt. Your expectations have been shattered. But harm and shattered expectations, however clear they may be, is not enough to justify damages in court. We usually need to prove that it was a provider's medical negligence that caused the harm. Before you make the decision to pursue a case, we need to get as clear as we can about the big picture of the case, its strengths, weaknesses, potential outcomes and the costs involved. What experts do we need to show that a doctor was negligent? What will our opponent's experts say? How can we establish the connection between what the doctor did and what you are going through now? What do we need to learn before we decide to go forward?

Your understanding of the situation is very important to me. I am here to answer your questions and provide advice on how to proceed, but the decision to proceed is yours alone. I will provide the best information I can to help you make a reasonable and informed decision.

I've had a lot of litigation experience in state and federal courts, in jury trials, bench trials and appeals to the New Mexico Court of Appeals, the New Mexico Supreme Court and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. But I learn new things every day, including an awful lot from my clients.

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