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Hi, I'm Paul Mannick. I've been practicing law for over twenty years, and I've been representing victims of medical malpractice for nearly all of that time.

My academic background includes quite a bit of history of science and I really enjoy the challenge of learning the biology and medicine involved in each case. But my job as your advocate is to make very complicated things clear in simple and direct language to judges, juries and even opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters.

If you have suffered a serious injury resulting from medical care, I can help you evaluate your case and describe the hoops and processes that our judicial system provides. I also represent individuals involved in insurance disputes or who have suffered a personal injury. My initial consultations are free of charge and I take most malpractice cases on a contingency basis.

My first medical malpractice case came to me through pro bono work I was doing for the elderly. A man had been permanently injured by a doctor's negligence, and it fell to me to prove it. That case and the many that followed it have taught me a great deal.

Not everyone whose medical care leads to a bad result is a victim of malpractice. Even good doctors make errors of judgment, and such a mistake is not the same as malpractice. My experience has shown me that most doctors are careful and competent, exercising the best judgment they can. But that's not always true. Carelessness, lack of up-to-date training, and sometimes even a profit motive can lead to horrendous results. Our legal system provides a mechanism that can compensate the victims of malpractice and improve the standards of medical care for all of us.

Every medical malpractice case is a challenge, not only because they are defended by talented and skilled lawyers with impressive resources, but because of the magnificent complexity of the human body and mind. Each case involves a lot of learning about the particular biology, chemistry and medical procedures involved.

You are welcome to call my office or contact me online for a free consultation.

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